Go Beyond Network


Families and Family Offices

We provide customized early stage investing services for ultra-high net-worth individuals, families and their next generations.

What we do


Personalized investment Strategy


Customized Deal Flow


All phases of the investment process

  • Due diligence
  • Economic modeling
  • Company evaluation benchmarking
  • Shareholder agreement support
  • Closing
  • Investment Monitoring

Active investment learning for next 

Go Beyond Network’s Approach

Our approach is designed to meet the ultra High Net Worth Individuals and families unique requirements and objectives. We are flexible with one on one, face to face or virtual communication. We enable clients to track their deal flow and portfolio performance. We provide access to our investors’ network expertise in over 10 early stage investment sectors and to our US and European reach.

Our services are suited for investments between $0.5 million and $10 million.