Go Beyond Network

2018 Go Beyond Investor report

This year’s Go Beyond Investor Report takes a deep look into Go Beyond Investing (GBI) member community, all the investments they have made and the returns that have been delivered. For the 4th year in a row, investments made via GBI have returned liquidity to its community. These returns have been achieved through the use of diversified portfolios and sales of invested companies to industry acquirers. The report is based on actual data and therefore provides a fully auditable set of conclusions, making it a unique report within the industry.

Some insights from the report

As a community, GBI investors have received back in cash, before fees, an amount close to that which has been invested. 7 companies that were sold at a premium or discount generated CHF17.1m in cash which was returned to investors. In addition, there are 64 active companies with a current Net Asset Value of CHF18.9m. These companies have great potential to create additional cash returns in the future.